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I've added the News web part and added news links. I want to edit the image and change the text, but the only way I can do that is to delete the web part and keep starting all over again.

Any ideas?

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At the top right of the News Webpart, click on See All.  This will take you to all of your News posts.  


Click on Manage Posts, and you will see a list of all of your posts.  


Click on the name of the one you want to edit, and it will open as shown in the example below;


Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 10.18.39.png


Click Edit, and you have the option to Add Thumbnail if you don't have one set, or to Change if you do already have one.  


Click Update News to complete the process.


Hope this helps.


You should be able to go to the Site Pages library and from there, click on the News Post you entered. When you click the link from Site Pages, you will get to the link information where you can add or replace the thumbnail or text.


If that doesn't work, try copying the link and replacing everything after the .aspx? with stay=true.



Thanks so much!!! I was stomped there for a moment.
@PeterRising... Thanks so much.



Happy to help. It can be tricky finding these things in SP.

@PeterRising sure wish this worked for me but when I click on the name nothing happens- possibly a Mac thing...

Useful thanks! What if you don't see the See All option as there is only one post? What is the quickest easiest way to get to the News Posts and News Links list? Thanks - Replace "contoso" with your tenant name and "SiteName" with the name of the site. If you are on the root site, eliminate /sites/SiteName.

Thank you Susan! Much appreciated