Edit navigation pane broken


When I try to edit the side navigation links it just shows as Loading and I can't do anything with it, is anyone else getting this?




I've put in a support call with Microsoft but they're yet to find a solution.

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@Michael Butterfield can you verify the site you are seeing this has publishing features enabled ? If so you will need to do the edit thru the navigation page or use classic UI. 

If i remember correctly usually when these were enable clicking on EDIT would redirect to the navigation page for editing and maybe this is the issue. I will raise this internally but for the moment you will need to use the mentioned workarounds

@Bruno Aleixo This is happening for us too. On SP Online modern team sites. The navigation is on the left. Edit link at bottom, when you click Edit, it just shows "Loading". It freezes the page as well. This used to work fine. On modern pages, you shouldn't need to use classic UI for the navigation. 

@swc4abc a fix for this issue is being done and should be done soon. In the meantime you will have to use the workarounds i mentioned earlier.

@Michael Butterfield go to Site Settings and click on the Edit links in the left hand panel, it works there.


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