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We have a SharePoint list with both required and optional date columns. If I update a row in the list using the Information Panel, I can make changes and see them take place.  If instead, I use the "edit" item from the menu bar, I am presented the form where I can make the changes.  If I erase the date (backspace over it) on an optional date field, it won't update when I save the form.  The date remains even though I've erased it and saved the form.  Anyone else see this behavior?

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I noticed this the other day. Curious if you edit the list and the column I thought I recall an allow blanks option. Wonder if that is on? I think it errors if that is on though and it’s probability just a bug.

@Chris Webb Hi Chris, I did a bit of testing yesterday and I'm not sure of the "allow blank" in this case.  In digging, the user did edit the form to remove the Attachments column.  They then saved and republished and the date stopped working.  It made me wonder about that process.  I made a copy of the list.  Once done, I edited the form, but made no changes at all.  I saved and republished and the form stopped working in the same way.  So, zero changes, but republishing the form did break the form.  Not sure what change is made in the publishing process, but republishing the form with no changes did break the form.

So when you say republish you’re editing the form via powerapps? Publishing could be updating the power apps version it’s using for the form which might have a bug. Let me know if that’s the case and I’ll go try to repro myself.

@Chris Webb Hi Chris, sorry for the delay.  Yes.  I did edit the form with Power Apps, but made no changes at all. I then saved and published the same form and began having the issues noted above.



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So this is odd, but it works. Go to your Power App form, Click Settings > Advanced Settings and then enable "Formula-Level Error Management". Save and publish your form. You should then be in business. 

@Chris Webb Thanks Chris!  That did work though I'm a bit worried about pinning my hopes on an "Experimental" feature that may go away at any time.  :xd:

The form is up and running though and the users will be back on track.  

Many thanks!





It’s been there for over two years so don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon :face_with_tears_of_joy: