Edit in Sharepoint list is blank

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 I am creating list in my SharePoint site, I have successfully added new items

but when i try to edit the existing items, it  shows blank like below and doesn't show any of my fields. I checked the permissions setting, It has edit enabled but not working! Can anyone help. I am using New experience

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I have this problem. I have added a lookup column to my Sharepoint list, and it seems to have worked (Ie in list view). But I am now unable to edit any list items - when I open them, the form is completely blank.

Did you find a fix for this? Thanks

I have the same issue. If I create a view to and limit the number of columns, then I can edit the row. I have 21 columns in the list and one of the columns must not be editable, I'll have to narrow it down by adding columns to a custom view until it breaks.  

I recently started creating some lists and am having the same issue. Editing in grid view doesn't work either. Did you ever find a resolution to this?

Im having this same issue right now....Any resolution??  @Sharmila_Leo 

I had been importing Excel spreadsheets into Lists. I ended up having to edit several of the columns in Lists and this resolved the issues I was having.