Edit form in sharepoint without changing the date

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I have a list in SharePoint and I want to edit the form without the date being changed to today's date because I've set the date to today's date. But if I update the form without changing the date it overrides to today's date. how do I put the date to static if I editing the form. Thank you. I would appreciate it if someone knows how to solve this :)

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@Shanis_Qistina you can't do this, the Modified column will ALWAYS change to the current date/time when any change is made to a column in the list or library. It has always been that way. The only thing you can do is to add a separate date/time column where you add the date you want. Then you don't need to display the Modified column.


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Thank you so much for the reply Rob. But what if I used power apps to change the query? Can it be done?
No, any change to the list, however it's done, always updates the Modified column.
I see. Thanks Rob !