Edit default view for all libraries

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I have 50,000+ document libraries all using the standard All Documents view, which is sorted by modified date oldest to newest.


I need to change all of these to be sorted newest to oldest. Can anybody suggest how I do this?


I don't seem to be able to change view settings at a site level so my best idea is to use powershell to create a new default view and set it for all existing libraries but that would not affect new libraries that are created.

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There is no Site level settings to change the views as the views are created and stored at the Document library level. You are correct for thinking of using PowerShell to create/update views for Existing Document libraries.
- For new Document Library scenario, you can create a Document Library template from existing OOB Document Library that is matching all the sort/filter/ content type set up you want and then ask users to create library from that template instead of choosing Our of the box Document library.