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So I have added some new columns in a sharepoint online library. But I cant seem to able to edit the drop down. When I click on the field it just highlights the row. How do I actually change from say choice 1 to choice 2.




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For Documents/Files:

To edit column data for documents/files, follow below steps:

  1. Go to document library and select the document/file
  2. Click on ellipses (...) from command bar at the top
  3. Select Properties option, it will open the form in right side panel where you can make changes to column data ganeshsanap_0-1668580410758.png

For Folders:

Generally, the columns added in SharePoint document library are not associated with the folders. However, if you want to add column values for folders also, you can do it using Edit in grid view option from command bar.

  1. Go to document library and click on Edit in grid view option from command bar.
  2. Make changes to the column values as per your requirements
  3. Click on Exit grid view option from top to save the changes ganeshsanap_1-1668580674414.png

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