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Hi all,


I have created a list of event details.





I have successfully embedded the list form onto a web part of a site page.




Once a user saved a new event details, it will redirect to a thank you note site page.




However, I have a problem when a user wants to edit their submitted event details.


I wish to have a new page where user can query by title with edit menu, and it returns the editable form in the web part. Since the editable form of each item row has a unique URL, I don't know how to embed the unique URL.





The other solution that I have is to email the 'link to item' to the requestor once a form is saved/submitted and they can edit from the by pasting the URL on browser. Unfortunately, this is not the best user experience. They can see the list at the top of the editable form.





Thank you & regards,

Rethdayat yusof

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I got it! Silly me.


1. Create a customised list to show requestor related item only in list view setting.

2. Use the list web part in your page and select the list view you have created above. 

3. Add list property web part in your webpage and connect to your list and enable for editing.


So user can choose the item they want to edit in the list web part and the editable list will appear automatically in the list property web part. Voila!