Edge does not work with Sharepoint - will this become a priority

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I have contacted Microsoft about this issue but I am not getting answers - apart from 'We are aware of the issue and don't have a solution - the user base will need to drive this as an issue"


IE11 is reaching End of Live, Microsoft want us to use Edge.  However Edge does not work with Sharepoint (365). i.e. Unable to open linked documents in Edge - works fine with IE. 


IE is very slow and I would like to move the organisation to Edge but we have invested heavily in sharepoint Intranet.  Are we then forced to migrate to another intranet solution or continue to use IE even when it becomes unsupported?



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Hi @Willitwork4me 

I just wanted to let you know that some of our users view our SharePoint Online intranet and teams spaces using Edge and we have not had any issues opening documents. 

I'd be interested to find out more about what you are experiencing so I can keep an eye out in case it happens in our tenant too.

Totally agree here with Jenny, we are workin in SPO using Edge with no problems

@Willitwork4me I haven't seen any issues with (Chromium) Edge.


Can you share more details about the issue you're seeing?

I am feeling all this, @Willitwork4me more than a year later.
1. No longer able to copy task or document names from the library/list and paste into email for a 2-click option (it now takes about 7 total clicks, and often typing the name of the document/task and "insert link" to get it in an email or document correctly. (lost count of all those clicks)
2. I manage multiple clients in a total of over 50 document libraries with robust SP features (version, check in/out, etc) (sending links for approval of task/doc) and the inefficiencies between IE and Edge is COSTING US MONEY for the extra clicks/typing, etc.
3. Opposite other commenters, I need .pdf docs to "open in browser" in a protected (read-only, no download), but these links are insisting on downloading SharePoint .pdfs
NOTE: Until Word docs/links work as quick as docs published as .pdf, i will not be putting protected word docs up for end-user use. Again: costs money to wait for links to open from Word.
4. Im sure the "app store" has some cool stuff in it, but when I am building 10-15 specialty doc libraries and 10-20 task lists, that whole "get apps in Classic" thing gets REALLY old - again - more clicks = MORE EXPENSE

I have successfully sold SharePoint to my clients for over 10 years - and its getting more expensive for me, and for my clients with this bizillion clicks thing when I used to get the same result from IE in TWO.

Fix Edge before your force us all off IE!!!!!