Dynamic Filtered Page Based on URL

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We've created a dynamic filtering page with a number of different machines users can choose from.  This allow us to use a single page template to surface dynamic content based on the machine selected on the page.  This saved us the hassle of creating a page for each of the machines as we have hundreds of them.  Since we have a lengthy list of machines (managed metadata) for users to pick from, is there any possibility we could create a separate SharePoint list that will 1) allow users to search for a machine, 2) click on a link to a specific dynamic filtered page?


We've tried a method of https://[name].sharepoint.com/sites/Shop/SitePages/Inventory.aspx?FilterField1=Machine&FilterValue1=TableSaw    but the URL does not select and filter the dynamic page to pull all information regarding the specific machine: TableSaw -- like the specs, manual, location, etc. 


On older versions of SharePoint, we've been able to create dynamic or database driven pages but it is challenging to do something similar on SharePoint Online with modern experience. 


Any pointers would greatly be appreciated.

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