Drag and drop modern pages feature removed

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As of late 2019/ early 2020 the ability to drag and drop modern pages/news between folders in the Site Pages library is now blocked.


Using folders to organise pages was useful because it made applying permissions to a set of pages easy - via the folder. This also meant users did not have to set these permissions for new pages that were created in/moved to the folder.


You can copy pages from one folder to another but the benefit of using drag and drop meant any links to the pages in a Key Links web part were updated to reference the new location a page was moved to.


Does anyone know why this has been removed and if there is any likelihood in it returning?


Is there an easy way to apply permissions to multiple pages in a flat structure?


Thanks in advance.

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Interested, I have the same issue. 

Additionally I've noticed that within the Site Pages library you now cannot drag and drop pages in a "grouped by" view to assign a new metadata tag.