Drag and Drop landing area is too small in Documents Library Web Part

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When using the Documents Library web part to embed a documents library in a page in Modern SharePoint Online, the landing area for drag and drop is only a small subset of the web part, leading to confusion and misunderstanding from our users.

Empty folder upload zone.png

The size of the active area grows based on the number of files, but still doesn't take up all of the web part until you have a large number of files. Having the web part at a fixed size (e.g. Medium) leaves a large expanse of blank space in the web part that cannot be dragged and dropped into.



This is the tiny upload zone.png

Cannot upload here.png


If I set the web part's size to be Autosize, then it doesn't display this blank area, but this doesn't solve the issue of the landing area being extremely small if there are only one or two files in the library.


AutoSize active.png






Please update this web part to allow for drag and drop on the whole web part to upload to the currently open folder, instead of requiring the drop to happen on top of existing files/the header bar.

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