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I have a modern SharePoint Online library and I created a view to group the items based on a category column.

My requirement is to drag n drop the file from my desktop to the library category group so file automatically gets the category metadata applied. I remember doing that few days back but somehow this is not working.


Any idea or suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @AbhishekM Gupta - are you using folders and a metadata column? If so, you can use the Default Column Value settings in the Library settings. Dragging and dropping a file into a folder will autotag it. I typically create 2 main list views: 1 for 'consumption' that hides the folders and just shows the metadata and one that's for 'publishing' that shows the folder to allow for quick addition of files.

Hi Kelly,

I am not using folders in my library, below are the details of my library and drag n drop scenarios.

Document library named as "Reports"
Library columns as "Title", "Name", "Year", "Month"
Library view "Report Group" has two level of grouping based on "year" column first and then "Month" column

I have 2 scenarios of drag and drop files in my library view "Report Group"
Scenario 1: If I drop file on library canvas, it should automatically apply current year and month based on today's date. This is working.
Scenario 2: If I want to upload a file for Year 2019 and Month August, then I should drag n drop my file on my group which shows me year as 2019 and month as August. This is not working.

Please let me know if you need more information.

@AbhishekM Gupta, since you are not using folders, create a very simple Power Automate flow that starts with the trigger "When a new file created."  then add the action "Update file properties."   

Oh, I see one problem with your scenario.  Views are just views into a single library.  If you want different months and years to be automatically added, you cannot do that with just a view. Use folders and the option to automatically add metadata to the files in a folder.  Or, if you want different libraries for each variation, see my previous post. @AbhishekM Gupta 

Thank you for your reply.
My first scenario is automatically taking care of applying year and month based on today's date. However, there is no specific condition on which I can apply the year and metadata. So Power Automate will not help me here.

I remember I uploaded file directly on group in a view and the metadata of year and month was applied to it accordingly. However, this is not working since few days.
Thank you for your response.

I remember it worked earlier, not sure why it stopped working.

@AbhishekM Gupta  I am not sure I understand.  If you wish to add different years automatically in a folder situation, you can do that via power automate.  For instance, one flow will populate all years and months to files in a particular folder.  Another flow will add the year and month to another folder, etc.  Since you want it consolidated and automated though, I suggest libraries so that you can automatically apply of metadata using the column default values.  I think I steered you wrong in previous posts and got those two opposite.  But you just can't do that within a view in any way.  It is one library, with one set of rules, no matter how you view it.