Download impossible despite IRM

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Hi there,

I have activated M365 E5 Compliance and Enterprise Mobility & Security E5 IRM via Powershell and in SharePoint AdminCenter in my test client with the license. I then turned on IRM in the appropriate library:


When I open files in the Browser, IRM works:


But it is possible to open the file in the browser, which happens with my own private Account instead of the dummy user Adele Vance:


And when Adele just navigates to the library, she can also download the workbook and save it on my private desktop:





Does anybody know what I have to do to prevent files from beeing downloaded? Why does IRM not work in this case?


Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards,


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You should use sensitivity labels and not this IRM feature in Document Libraries that is considered as legacy

I understand the major goal here is to prevent files from being downloaded, IRM may not be for that sole purpose but rather as a SharePoint or Global admin there is a new feature you can deploy to block download of files from SharePoint sites or OneDrive without conditional access policies. This can be set for individual sites and also from organizational level.
Kindly follow the below steps to test or setup this policy.

1. Download the latest version of PowerShell using this link
2. Connect to SharePoint as a Global Administrator o... after which you would be prompted to authenticate.
3. Run the fo... -BlockDownloadPolicy $true
4.In any case you have some ...
Feel free to let me know if th...




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@Deleted  thank yxou so much for your help! Unfortunately it does not work yet. Maybe because I don´t have the Microsoft Syntex advanced management license?


Here is a screenshot from my management Shell:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 145949.png