Double commas in SharePoint online created by column

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Hi Everyone,


In my organization, the display name is configured as "LastName, FirstName" in AD instead of the usual "FirstName LastName". This is causing issue with SharePoint online list columns like "Created by", the field is appearing as "LastName,, FirstName". This appears to be recent and we did not have it yesterday. One of our user was facing this and I was not able to replicate. However it suddenly started to happen to me as well.  Anybody else facing the issue?

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yes i have exactly the same problem!
We have also changed the configuration of the display names.
In our case, the problem also only occurs with one person so far.
The error has been noticed because the views in a SharePoint list no longer work for this person because they are filtered by name.

Until now I have unfortunately also no solution
Same thing is happening to me, all people picker fields are showing the double commas, do you know if there has been any update regarding this? It's really complicating a lot of the views that I have for my organization.
no I do not know if an update is planned.
Have you already opened a call with Microsoft?
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Hi, this looks like a recent bug, and it happens only if the display name for the user is in the format "lastname, firstname". This is related to list sync settings (Not sure why/ how) and once the offline list sync is disabled from list settings -> Advanced setting, this is no longer happening.

thanks for the info, that helped with us too.
I have opened another ticket at Microsoft to solve the bug
Tried this and it worked too! Thanks Mohan. They need to fix this bug!!