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OK .. 
Sharepoint Online Modern experience page (communications site)

I have a page with a list presented via the List View Webpart. When the user double-clicks on a list row it loads this old-looking DispForm.aspx page with all of the record data in it. Typical users cannot edit and I don't want them to see such an old view. I also have a number of other List View Web Parts on the page connected to the main one to show targeted information formatted as cards.

Two things I'm wondering:

1) Is it possible to point this to another page like a read-only version of the more modern-looking Edit form?

2) Is it possible thru some sort of Javascript Magic to intercept the double-click event and prevent it from showing a details page altogether?


TY in advance

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@CYappert I don't think there is any way to override this SharePoint default behavior of lists.


When you double click on list item row, it usually opens the list item in the display/view form like: 


Which is a modern experience page only. If you want to change the layout of list form, you can try:

  1. Customizing list form with JSON formatting - limited functionality
  2. Customizing list form with Power Apps

Another way is completely customize the list view using JSON formatting to look like the table. But, it has some limitations and more complex work for your requirements. Check:

  1. SharePoint Modern List - Change fill color of column headers 
  2. Change column name in view using JSON view formatting 

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