Does Microsoft actually provide a forum about SharePoint where you can get actual help?

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I have been started a number of discussions to get some feedback and answers for my questions I have regarding SharePoint, but so far, I did not get any reply.


Now I wonder if anybody knows about a forum where you can get actual feedback.


Microsoft seems not to care about their customers.


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Yes, it does. The Tech Community here is one option and then for specific issues you might have there are also specific forums that replaced the old MDSN and TechNet forums

@thomasknebel in my experience staff from Microsoft are not on here very often, but the super users that do spend time here like @Juan Carlos González Martín and myself might not have the specific answer to a question you raise. Usually we do but not always. The thing is to keep asking the questions!


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@Juan Carlos González Martín, thank you for your reply. It seems that Microsoft makes SharePoint only available for business, but not for private use which makes it even more difficult to subscribe and learn SharePoint. I have a Microsoft 365 Home subscription that does not include SharePoint, or can I as a private person even upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business to have SharePoint included?
@RobElliott thank you for your reply and I will follow your advise in "keep asking questions". The thing is that after decades of being used to the "traditional" files and folder structure and its llimiting 255-character length for files and folders, it can be difficult to get your head around SharePoint and its Document Libraries and respectively Meta Data concept. But I will ask questions, and most of them will relate to "best practices" in using SharePoint.