Documents now offers a Compact List view

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Documents now offers a Compact List view. If it has been there before I haven't noticed it.



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It popped up in our tenant no later than yesterday, not sure how long we've had it. Doesn't look like it's usable in the Document Library web part (yet).


Is there any observable difference in this view other than taking up less space per row?

Nothing more than you’ve observed Matt. I’m amazed, though, how much I’m still stumbling across in addition to all the formal comms we get!

It's great that it has a compact view. Too bad this isn't the default. I can ask for it to compact view and I want this to be the norm for my entire site but as soon as I close it out and come back in it is all uncompacted again. Any idea of how I can make the page and if possible the entire site "compacted"




I would also like this, I have a current client requesting this.

@John Wynne 

Hi , does anyone use this in the sharepoint app on tablets?

I have this compact list view on my SharePoint online on Windows desktop but not in my SharePoint app on iPad for example.



@John Wynne Really like the feature, but the list settings needs to have a toggle to default the behavior as needed.  The modern view has far too much white much wasted screen real estate.

@CanadaOneStopShop @John Wynne Did anyone ever figure out how to make the Compact List View the default view?

@AEC_Mike I still don't think there's an option for it yet, in the UI anyway. There's a user voice asking for compact be to be able to be set as default for a view here: 

@John Wynne Hi, I had also a look at this, and this worked for me:

1. Set the view to the Compact view

2. Save the view as.... and overwrite the same one.


Refresh the page.

@JWLehman See latest post.... (from me, not this one, you know what I mean....)

@Rienkipienk Thanks for response, but that "Save as" method doesn't hold for me as a user, or for the users who later visit the view.

This will be going on year 3 that this unassuming feature has not been added as an option. Site owners can't be trusted with such a powerful option! ;)
This works.
This works. Thank you @Rienkipienk

@JWLehman Same for me I cannot get it to be the default view setting which is completely disappointing being that users have been asking for this feature to be added for years. I mean honestly how difficult could it be for Microsoft to add a simple default setting feature.