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I am attempting to create a SharePoint Document library for our word document protocols that will allow Senior Management to be able to approve documents, team leaders to review, edit, and submit documents for approval, and general staff to only be able to view documents.
For General Staff Ideally I'd like to be able to prevent the ability to download copies and default to having the navigation pane open so they can use the Headings and Results feature to quickly locate the required info. 
I'd like to use the Restricted View permission level for this staff group, however it seems to hide the document library from our team's SharePoint home page.
Read seems to default to opening the document in the browser but staff don't have the ability to turn the navigation pane on/off. 
I've looked at the customising permission settings, but can't make much sense of them. Is anyone able to provide any adivce?




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Hello @And_Doh 


it's very difficult, when you use a private teams with specific permission. Please attention and be aware, that Teams and SharePoint have different permission concept. For cases with a lot permission, i use even a SharePoint-only site, without Groups 365 connection (Teams).  


Maybe i have a way for your solution:

- stop the permission inheritance from site to your library (and other content of your choice)

- give staff read permission on your site

- create a link with view permission and block download option, like this:



I know it's a little bit tricky with a lot of different permission on your is not my primary way, but in your case it helps. Simplier is, when you only create a view link with block download on a specific folder.


Hope this information helps to you.


Have a great day.


Regards, Dave 

Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.