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Our Quality Management System requires us to periodically review documents.  I am trying to keep track of the review date with a column in the document library, but changing the review date increments the file version. 

I really only want the version to change when the contents of the actual file change.  Is there any way to change the contents of columns without changing the file version?

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@Drew_IsoV the only way I know of to do this (and this is what we do on our QMS) is to have a second list containing the document name, a column for the review date and a number column that matches the ID of the item in the document library. Then in your documents library you have a single line of text column formatted as a button with JSON. The text on that button could be something like "Update Review Date?". When the user clicks the button a flow runs in Power Automate that updates the item in the second list with a date 6 months ahead or whatever the period is.


Come back with any questions about this or if you'd like some screenshots.


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