Document suddenly is not accessible to a user with the appropriate permissions

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I have a user who as advised they can not access any Excel documents, contained in a folder held on SharePoint any longer except as 'Read Only'
They have edit permissions for the document




Other users can access the documents.  

The only think that as happened recently is a change in job title which I wouldn't of thought would cause this but???



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Hi, I'm always a fan of cause and effect. With the job title change, was the user possibly deleted and recreated with the same name and mail address?

Can you please try to delete a user from the site user management (add /_layouts/15/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0 to your root site url) and re-authorize him. After that everything should work normally again, but only for the one user, you have to repeat these steps for each affected user.

I had a similar problem once, after changing the user the authorization was still there, but the displayed user was different than the one before the change.


The change of role happens in our SAP system which then feeds into Azure that updates our MS applications. The new job title is displayed against the user in the SharePoint permissions group.

The local admin did say they removed the user and then re-added them to the group but if they are in multiple groups would this need to be done in all or if they are in a folder with inherited permissions.

When I try the link I get this strange screen


and only a few user names