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I have two custom document sets, "Project" and "Quote", which appear to be stuck in the classic view. Both document sets exist on separate document libraries. Both document libraries are configured to use the modern view, but both of those document sets will open to a welcome page. My goal is to stop using the Welcome Page for both document sets, and have the document sets instead open to the modern view of the document listing when clicked on. 


I have made sure that the issue with not with the document library. I added an existing, custom document set in to the same document library, and this document set did not open to the welcome page. 


If I add "Project" or "Quote" to a brand new document library, the document set objects still open to the welcome page. How can I update the document sets in order for them to stop opening to the welcome page.

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Hello @btombari 


when i open the document set in the classic view, there will be open the classic welcome page. 


In my case, when opens the welcome page in classic, i have a "exit classic experience" in the left side navigation. When i click this, on the next time the document set open the the "classic" form, but not the welcome page.




Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 


We unfortunately do not have the "exit classic experience" button in our document set welcome pages.


Hello @btombari 


have you customized your DocSet homepage? When yes, delete the customizing, when it's possible.


Here are more information about to switch modern/classic:


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 


From what I can see, it doesn't look like we have any customizations made to the document set welcome page. When I navigate to the "Customize welcome page" area for this document set, it looks like the generic unchanged welcome page.DocSet Customization.png


Is there somewhere else or some other way that I can use to determine if there is a customization on the document set welcome page?

Hello @btombari 


go to the edit mode and you can see differences to your new document set.


My edit mode in a ootb document set homepage looks like this:



Other: Is the "exit to classic mode" deactivated? 

Look at this:


Regards, Dave


It looks like this document set welcome page was edited in the past, as the image was removed and the Properties section was moved to Zone 3. Is there a way to reset the home page back to the default version?

Hello @btombari 


I am not aware of this. You can try it in SharePoint Designer, but be careful, you can also break a lot there.


Regards, Dave

@btombari I've found an easy way to reset the document home page.


In the ContentTypes section of the site collection, look for "Document Set" default CT.

  1. Edit configuration
  2. In the "Customize Welcome Page" (DO NOT CUSTOMIZE THE PAGE) just check "Update the Welcome Page of Document Sets inheriting from this content type"
  3. When the update is finished the experience should be changed to modern


I've just tested and It works!

Unfortunately, I get an unexpected error when I check that box and click on the Save button.

I have verified that I can convert the affected document type to a new document type with the modern view. I just need to find the time to set up a test group of sets to make sure everything works the way we need it to.