Document Set creation error

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Experiencing this issue since August 10 when trying to create new Document Set.



Happens on several independent tenants. Canada region.

Document Set itself actually is created on back-end.

No information in M365 services updates.


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@Alex1 Have you logged a service request as well?

I am having the same issues here in West Europe on different tenants with targeted release for everyone. The only thing that I can see that was changed was the color of folder functionality added, even these document sets now show a folder icon which can indeed be changed... This wasn't tested properly before pushing it to production. (or they letting targeted release customers test it).

I really hope this gets fixed soon.



I just did some more testing on this issue as follows:

  • Created 2x custom document sets (With/Without additional metadata) through Content type gallery (SPO Admin) -> Published and added to document library on the test site. Same Error "The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)"
  • Created 2x custom document sets (With/Without additional metadata) on the test site -> Published and added to document library on the test site.  No errors
  • Created document set with the published document set through Add-PnPDocumetSet command - No errors

It does seem that the issue comes from Document Set content types Created & Published on Content type gallery.

We asked a client to open the ticket with MS support. No answer since then.

We are no longer able to create a Document Set (Enterprise Level) with more than 10 allowed Content Types! When we try to publish we get an error message. Help! Canada Region

What errors are you getting? Exactly same as above? For now the best you can do is log a ticket and mention the URL to the thread in the ticket so they can see there are other customers having the same issues.
Problem was fixed by Microsoft Team after putting a ticket. Got about 2-3 weeks.


We are having same issue now, could you kindly share with us how it was resolved. 


Client had to put a ticket to Microsoft support, describing the issue.

Any feedback from Microsoft support? This ( issue reported on GitHub might be related to the issue we are all experiencing.