Document Management System on SharePoint Online

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Do we have a Document Management System on SharePoint Online that is ready to use with all the regular features of an external DMS? Please suggest.

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The SharePoint Online itself is a document management system. All the features which a normal DMS has are available in the SharePoint. For Example,

  • Ease of Use
  • Organization
  • Document Upload
  • Support for various formats
  • Security
  • Versioning
  • Advanced Search
  • Indexing
  • Sharing
  • Linking
  • Collaboration
  • Annotations  and lot more. 


I am looking for to be specific on:

  • Secure data through encryption.
  • Auto-population of fields to attach metadata with documents.
  • Options to edit and enhance image quality.
  • Org-level Archiving, printing with MFPs and scanners.
  • Built-in workflow capabilities to manage approvals/rejections.
  • Detect deduplication of data in multiple locations.
  • Secure content sharing within an outside the organization.
  • Ability to add bookmarks, comments, notes.
  • Watermark documents to restrict misuse of documents sharing.
  • Bilingual forms
  • File naming convention to be adopted.
  • Capture metadata of the scanned document.
  • Restrict file access from within and outside the LAN.
  • Smart indexing(OCR), searching(suggestions, highlight the searched term etc.) and information classification and categorization.
  • Manage and define document life cycle, retention and disposition actions.
  • Retention period to notify user to move documents to retention folder.
  • Create customisable reports for monitoring.
  • Long-term content archival.
  • Detailed Auditing and Reporting.
  • Document alerts and controlled access(item-level).
  • Define data confidentiality and compliance.
  • Provision to import/export customised items.