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Hi All,


After browsing the forums and the web and only finding old posts or content, also exhausting many avenues for a solution I thought it would be best to post.


I'm trying to find a solution to enable a list of documents in a document library to be distributed to our team members and have visibility of not just reading them (views show this) but also the users to be able to click something which sends their responses to another SharePoint list or excel sheet etc.


We used to use the old collect signatures workflow but as you all know these re now depreciated and I don't seem to be able to find anything similar in Power Automate. In an ideal world we could use Adobe Sign but this needs an enterprise account to associate the connector so this isn't viable for us.


I hope that somebody can offer a solution for this as with the entire O365 suite at our disposal I was hoping there would be something to use out of the box. I have read many threads which suggest "post in user voice" so hoping somebody has found something that works.


Many Thanks


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Just topping this post to promote any response? maybe from somebody at MS? a solution for this or potential options would be great.
I see a month or so has gone by on this thread, thought I'd attempt again to see if anybody had ideas of this can be achieved in the out of the box package. Thanks