Document Library "New Button" no longer shows custom content type for New Document Set

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Hello all.


I have a long existing site and library that contains document sets. In the last few days, I have lost the option in the +NEW button to create a document set. Within settings, content types, for the library, the custom document set content type is shown that was created some time ago. Also, within setting there is a check mark under "Visible on New Button". In the past the custom content type was in the drop down of the "+New" button. This is no longer the case.


Any help would be appreciated.





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@ckundert The same problem is also on my side since Oct 02.

Hi Chris,
We are facing the same situation in 2 of our libraries where we are usign documentsets.
I think the situation was caused because Clipchamp was added to the default menu.
We have just raised a ticket with Microsoft. Here a bit of my findings:

  • The sites where this issue occurs are both using documentsets, but also the contenttypes that should be shown within the documentsets are no longer available in the menu.
  • If I use powershell to copy the library (only the structure) it is working fine
  • If I add a new content type and click on the button new, I see the correct menu for a very brief moment, after which it is replaced by a default menu.
  • The menu is showing the correct options when we use the library in the Classic experience.
  • I am assuming the situation has started after Clipchamp became available in the default menu
  • We did not change anything in the setup of the libraries before the issue occured.


I will keep you informed.


Just to add, I'm also experiencing the same issue with one of document libraries that uses document sets. As Geert_de_Kooter notes, I can see the document set appear very briefly when I open the new menu, but then it's gone.

We're having the same issue the last couple of days. Also seems to coincide with clipchamp. 
Anyone managed to fix it?

The agent from MS asked us to wait until Monday, hoping/assuming that the problem will be resolved after the Clipchamp update.
For your information, I found a workaround. Click Return to classic SharePoint. The document set is available for selection.
9:30pm 10/5/23 (home and had to check...)- Clipchamp looks to removed and normal functionality has been restored. I am now able to create a new Document Sets from the +New Button.


@ckundert That's good to hear. I'm not seeing that update yet - Clipchamp is still an option and the document set is not back on the menu.


I presume it takes time to role these updates out.