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Hi community, 

I have been really struggling to get this permission right and couldn't get help at all.

Please please if any slightest idea you know please share-will help me tons.


At my parent site the permission looks like this :

a)Site Owner : Full Control 

b)Managers   : Full Control 

     1. Manager A 

     2. Manager B 

     3. Manager C

c)Members : Contribute  


How Can I structure the permission so manager A  doesn't see each manager B  documents, manager doesnt other managers  but staffs reporting to their respective managers sees the documents.


Manager A creates a folder and put files in to share with first members only. 


Please help.




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@Sansoden There are a number of different approaches you could take to resolve this issue. Here is a straightforward method.


Create 3 Document Libraries, one for each manager

- On each library go to Library Settings > Permissions 

- Stop inheritance

- Remove the Members and Managers

- Add the Manager and a group for containing their staff


The Document Library will only appear on the left hand navigation for users with permission to see the library. Each Manager will only see their library. Each managers team will only see documents in their Managers library. Search will also be security trimmed.


You can edit the left hand navigation and remove the default Document Library if you wish.


Other options include more granular file permissions that can be complex and difficult to manage as time goes on. 




Hi Steve ..Thanks for getting back to me, really appreciate .

I will explore around the idea suggested, but then when new members when they join , I have to manually group them under their respective manager, can it be dynamic from the AD setup?
In advance thank you so much.
You can use an AD Group including dynamic groups for each managers team.
This article explains how to set unique permissions on a library (step by step)