Document Library - How to Get rid of Certain Columns in a View

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I have a survey library, you can see in this view it is showing columns survey year and Survey type.


The reason these columns exist is because inside of the CY2021 folder I have mapped certain files to  years and survey types.   How do I make it so that the Survey Year and Survey type does not show up  in the first screen. I just want it in the second screeen or inside of the the CY2020,2021 and CY2022 folders.  Is there an easy way to do this?





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@VeeExcelLearn Unfortunately, this is not possible in SharePoint. This is how SharePoint document libraries work. When you show/hide a column in document library, it is added/removed at library view level & not folder/subfolder level.


Similarly, if you change any library view settings (like grouping/filters/sorting), change will be applied at document library level & not folder/subfolder level.

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