Document libraries with required columns on a Mac


I'm setting up a SharePoint document library and as per recommendations from many sources I'm not using folders to group documents.  As a means to be able to group documents based on their purpose I've created a required column (Choice).  Whilst the process to save a document with a required column is cumbersome on a Windows 10 PC with Office apps installed I'm finding it impossible to get this to work on a Mac with Office apps installed.  The process works for Word but PowerPoint get's stuck in an endless loop. 


The scenario I'm faced with is this; I've created a new document in PowerPoint on a Mac, I attempt to save it in a SharePoint library, the PPTX document saves but is checked out, I attempt to check it in and get an alert to say it cant be checked in because properties are missing, I then get directed to SharePoint (Within Safari) to add the required fields.  At this point I'm unable to edit and save the required fields as I get an error that the file is locked for exclusive use by Me.  At this point I can go no further as the document can't be checked in.


How do I resolve this?

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I have a very similar problem in SharePoint 2013 on Premises and PowerPoint 2016 on Mac. I have a library with required fields and PowerPoint documents inside. If I open the doc in PowerPoint, I cannot save it as 'this file is locked by another user' or something like that OR sometimes do a checkout - but only sometimes. If I remove required constraints from fields I can save the file. Looks like a bug in the PowerPoint - Word works correctly.

Additionally, even after removing required fields - PowerPoint clears random fields. Sometimes I ended up with one empty field sometimes with 50% of empty fields (while all fields were filled in before editing).