Document ID not searching all sites.

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In the last 2 weeks or so Document ID's in our tenant will no longer search all sites and are giving an error.  


No documents with the ID TMF7YV4PPCSC-377269073-29814 were found in this site collection


Is anyone else experiencing this?  


To recreate:

  1. have 2 sites with document id's enabled
  2. create a document in second site such as
  3. copy document id of test.xls
  4. Document id will be formatted<Document ID>
  5. remove site information so link now reads<Document ID>

By default the document id link should search all sites as is the default setting instead I get the error message mentioned above.  Worked 2 weeks ago.

I am working with Microsoft on this for last 2 weeks and am not getting anywhere and wanted to see if others are having this issue.

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