Document Id link broken after move to other site collection

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according to various sources in the internet, if the document id service is activated for site collections, it should be possible to move files between site collections and the document id link should still be valid.

Is this still true with sharepoint online?


I created a file in my default site. The doc id link looks like ~/_layouts/15/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=FF6CNQQPKMYZ-649206596-24.


Then I moved the file to another site. The doc id has not changed, but it is not possible to open the file with the doc id link (no document found in this site collection with id = ...).


If I open the file directly in the new site collection there is a new doc id link, something like ~/sites/newsite/_layouts/15/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=FF6CNQQPKMYZ-649206596-24.

But it also not possible to use this link (same error message as before).

I already waited one hour (maybe it takes some time to update), but it's still not working. Something wrong with my setup?


Thank you!

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Document ID task running every 24 hours.

Please wait 24 hours and see if it's working or not.



@Alireza Rahimifarid 

Ah, that's interesting. I haven't found any documentation about this.

And this means it is still not possible to create real durable links in sharepoint (because in the worst case the the link might be broken for about 24h)?


I had this issue and when I called Microsoft support they gave me a PowerShell script to manually trigger the document ID services. You may find it online but as soon as I find it I will post it here for you.



I just wanted to confirm that the links now work after waiting 2 more hours.