Document approval from Approve/Reject - how to see who approved?

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Using SharePoint online -

In a document library, when a document is approved, where can I see who actually approved it?

I would expect to see that information in my version info, but I don't

In my test, content approval is enabled - I tried with both minor versions and with major only.  The screenshot below is from the major only, but the same thing happens with the minor versions enabled (except for adding another "publish" step)

And yes... I named my test user Brad Pitt...

In the case below, Brad uploaded the document, and I approved it, but I don't see my name anywhere.


Am I looking in the wrong place?








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@ValSwift have you used a task list for storing tasks related to Approval / rejection? if yes please look there and you should be able to see it. If you have used default Approval workflow then most probably list name should be Workflow Tasks or Tasks, please check in Site Contents

@SinhaKislay this is not part of a workflow - I am simply approving the document by navigating to approve/reject.  I don't see any tasks (but I am not expecting to as I have not triggered a workflow)



@ValSwift ok in that case I don't think it will show what are you asking, it will be only marked as Modified

@ValSwift Have you found a solution for this? I would also like to see who approved in SharePoint. It is visible in Teams though.

Thank you

Now I'm at the same point and wondering if you found a solution.

Hi @eguven 
No, unfortunately, I haven't found a solution in SP - I reference emails and Approvals in Teams.

@Emfree When I need to multiple approvals I do it via a flow in Power Automate with a parallel branch for each approver. The SharePoint list/library has columns for each approver name, date and comments. Inside each branch is the start and wait for an approval action and the update item action which updates appropriate columns in the list/library when theoutcome is known. So who has approved or rejected gets saved with the comments from each one.


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