Do we have to worry about backuping sharepoint online sites

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We have an office 365 tenant with E3 license. and we have been creating sharepoint sites such as:-

1. Add sub-site and data inside the root site @ .

2. create classic team sites under sites

3. user have been creating modern team and communication sites.

Now inside on-premises farms, we do 2 types of backups:-

1. Disaster recovery backup. to cover scenarios where the whole farm servers (applications or database servers) got sever damage, so we can restore the whole farm.

2. Data recovery backup. we do so for each of the site collections, using the Backup-SPSite. So incase a user intentionally or by mistake modify or delete the site data or settings, We will have the option to restore a single site collection to a working point.


but when it comes to sharepoint online tenants, are we suppose to do any type of backup? now i am sure that we are not suppose to handle the disaster recovery scenario, as this is part of office 365 environment . but what about the data recovery, let say a user or a malware delete all the data from an online site collection, and also remove it from recycle bin or remove  site collection and delete it from recycle bin.. then can we ask Microsoft to send us a copy of the site collection or to restore the site to a working point? in shorter words, do we have to worry about sharepoint backups inside Office 365?

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I've seen 12 hours (for rolling 14 days)been referenced a few places ( this one in particular for 12 hours and what kind of stuff is available... as far as how often Microsoft runs backups... I've also seen post where someone mentioned some of the underlying documentation was in place and then removed.


So I'm interested in this conversation because I would like to hear what others are doing.