Do more with Flow Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint and Site Designs

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I've been using Site Designs and Scripts to provision SharePoint sites with pre-set document libraries, lists and themes but there are still lots of provisioning things that are missing to create a complete site template.

This is where "Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint" Flow action comes in. 

As part of the Site Script, I can call a Flow to complete further actions including calling out to some PnP code in Azure.  In this Flow, I can now use this new action to call any SharePoint API request; my first experiment was with creating a Folder in the base document library which worked great.

Send a HTTP Request.JPG

Next steps are to see if adding content types and other typical configurations work.  And then I need to ask myself if I should do this in Flow or custom code.

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Great info thanks for sharing!

Hello Alan,


After constructing such a request do you know how to get the output of the request as input to the next flow step?



I added a request to retrieve items from a list. Then as a next step I added data operation "Parse JSON" where I provided a sample json response to create the schema and then I was able to add a "Apply to each" to do some business logic. Not sure if there was a better way.



For getting the output, I've used the following with a variable




This is the name of the action "Send HTTP Request..."

Hi @Alan Marshall ,


Were you able to figure out how to add content types to a list or library with this method?  I am trying to figure that out now.