dns query to some tenant FQDNs for sharepoint and onedrive fails

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Hi folks!


Recently, from Dec 9th, I find dns query failure about specific FQDNs, which have <tenant>-myfiles.sharepoint.com and <tenant>-files.sharepoint.com.

Another FQDNs such as <tenant>-my.sharepoint.com and <tenant>.sharepoint.com are correctly resolved to CNAME record.

I also find same behavior for another sharepoint/onedrive sites.


Currently there is no issue about using those services.

Just only I want to know that there is any internal FQDN specifications are changed and the result of specification change remove above FQDNs.


I asked to local Microsoft support team, but unfortunately they can't answer above questions because they don't have enough information about network of these services.








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you cannot use aliases or cnames or change office 365 urls. It’s one of the number one user voice requests still not being handled.

The only thing you can do is a custom domain url that redirects to your 365 service.

Hi Christopher-san,


Thanks for your reply.

I have no intention to use them as aliases or cnames.


Those FQDNs are just only monitoring targets of dns queries.

I can't understand why Microsoft remove those FQDNs.










Oh ok. Makes sense now with the info after re reading your post. Not sure I can assist :(. I don’t monitor any 365 urls.