Diversity and Inclusion cultural site templates

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SharePoint recently announced the beginning of their new Diversity and Inclusion cultural site templates series.  To start things off for June, they released the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group site. Other upcoming templates will include Hispanic Heritage Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Native American/Indigenous Heritage Month, Veterans Day, and International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 


Personally, I think these are great options to bring cultural visibility to your work experience.




What other cultural SharePoint site templates would you like to see available for your company and employees to use?


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Hi Emily,
I would love to see a template that showcases best practices for those using or who might like to use assistive technology. It could include pages (with guidance) to read using some of the cognitive tools, examples of videos using captioning, translation but also with and without background music tracks with guidance as to the type of background to choose. It could also include tips for producers / publishers like how to identify the speakers in videos so they are included in search results.
This type of site would be a great asset for those of us leveraging distributed publishing models, trying to educate content providers/publishers about this important area. I'd love to see something like this in time for the next International Day for People with a Disability :)
Thank you
Love this idea! In that same spirit, is a tip I "borrowed" when I saw it in a Microsoft demo. I think it is something that could be added in any site. At the bottom of every page template I create, I add the following text:

• Accessibility – Check ALT TEXT on all images.
• Summary – Enter thumbnail image and description in Page Details.
• Targeting – Specify an optional target audience in Page Details.
• Categorize – If this site has metadata for pages, be sure to configure tags in Page Details.
• Comments – Enable or disable comments as appropriate for this page.
• Approval – If this site has page approval enabled, submit for approval.