Divergence between reported space in SharePoint and actually used in OneDrive Business


Hello everyone.


I have an intriguing problem and I have already exhausted my knowledge and that is why I now come to ask for help from all of you.


On 12/01 I had 272GB of storage on the company's OneDrive Business. On 1/13 this storage suddenly jumped to 609GB (this information is in the usage report of the OneDrive Administrative Center).

Immediately, when lifting users with more storage, I have a user pointing as having 306GB. However, when I ask for the audit report of all the files he has stored the report gives a total of 83GB. I did a quick report through Excel's Power Query (yes, it pulls data from files in a folder) and it also confirms that I have the same 83GB on the user's OneDrive.


So, the questions that I can't solve now arise:


1) How do I get a report of everything that was sent to OneDrive on 1/13? I did an audit report and used the UpdateSync property but it was nowhere near the value.


2) How do I get a report of all the space occupied in SharePoint?


3) How do I find the difference in occupied space between 83GB and 306GB?


Please can you help me? I no longer know where to look for help.

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