Distributing files


We have a SharePoint site for budgeting which has worked well overall this year for people to have one central site to go to for updating budgets, etc.  Now that things are final, we have a directory "Final" but what we need to do is change the access so that when people go here they need to be able to ONLY DOWNLOAD or save as the file to their own location.  We want them to be able to run "what if's" to see how things change if certain decisions are made, but we do NOT want the files that we save to be changed as we want this to be the "go to" location if someone needs a copy of the actual budget.  


Right now, in the files we have certain VBA coding that reads off a cell to disable "save as", etc that we can/will change for the final distribution but again, do not want changes saved on the file that is in SharePoint.  The last time I tried read only, it was not a success as they could not save, but maybe I did something wrong.


Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

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