Distributed Cache Role Configuration Steps

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I am setting up SP 2019 Farm topology (1*1*1*1) with separate SQL DB server.

1 dedicated Role for Distributed Cache Service (total 16 GB RAM) as shown in below screen shot...

So, After this setup, What ELSE do  i need to do further :

  1. Change Service Accounts 
  2. Do i need to adjust memory allocation also compulsorily ??

Any suggestion please 
Thanks ...



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Once you install it, it's reccomended to change the service account and you can find out how to do so here >

If you want to update the distributed cache memory, the instructions are here . There's also instructions in there on how to set it up with a dedicated one, and MS reccomends for a 16GB Server to set it up at 7168 MB

Hi Vlad,

Many thanks for your pointers.
Today  I am able to do both steps as you per recommended practices...
as in screenshot ...


Thanks again..

Great to hear that!