Disscusion borad - Manage email notifications font size/style on sharepoint disscusion borad posts

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Hi, we are using share point web platform - Disscusion Board
On each qusestion/disscusion mail notifications send to all team memebers.
The problem: email that recivied from share point platform with the notification about the new qusestion (subject and content) - the text font is very small. How could I manage the font and the style of the notification emails from share point platform?
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Hi @Shay1288 ,

First of all: In SharePoint Online it's not possible.

But since you have a normal Server you are lucky :')

I'm not sure, maybe you are searching for this:

Please gimme a small feedback if this helps you.

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@SchnittlauchHi, The question was how to config the text size and font of the email notification that we received from the server.

Today we are get notification by email on new topic - but the font and size are very small and not so understood -we want to enlarge the size of the text (regular email text size are fine but the notification mails from share point server are received with very small text size)

in short

we already get notification mails from server -where we can set the style (text size and font) of those share point notification emails?