Displaying an Exchange Shared Mailbox Calendar on SharePoint Online

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I am trying to figure out if it is at all possible to display an Exchange Shared Mailbox Calendar in SharePoint online.


How to add a link to a website to the Shared Mailbox Calendar

I've found this article but it is geared towards a individual sharing their calendar. Also, trying the same principles on a Shared Mailbox Calendar isn't working although my Sharing Policy is set to all domains.

We are in a GCC environment.

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@Frederick Wilson 


Hi, afraid there is no means of adding a web part that will display a shared mailbox within SharePoint Online.


If your site is connected to an M365 group however, then you do get a mailbox with the group, and this mailbox can be viewed from the Site Navigation.

@PeterRising thanks. I already presented that as an option but was quickly shot down because the web part doesn't show up as a month view. 

@Frederick Wilson Update:  SharePoint Online now has calendar views in webparts!

@jammin4co Where do you see Calendar View Web parts? I see a group calendar option but not one for a user.