Display thumbnail of image attachment within cell of SharePoint Online List item

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I have a SharePoint Online List to which data (include image attachments) is entered by users through a PowerApp. Is there a way to display a thumbnail of the image within a cell of the list item?

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Hey @hydbadi ,


Are you talking about modern lists?


Either way, you can create an Image field paste the Image URL into it. Sharepoint will display it as an image.





OK. I was able to manually enter the URL for the attachment and was able to get the image to display within the list item. However, is there a way to display thumbnail in the Image column automatically if an attachment is present in the list item? The list users may or may not attach images and I do not want to manually enter a image URL to each item. I am guessing I need a formula or JSON to achieve this?


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Hey @hydbadi ,


I don't think there is a OOTB way to accomplish what you're looking for. Although maybe you can use a SHarepoint Designer workflow to copy the URL of the image if the user uploaded one and set it to the img Field. Other than that, I believe uploading the image and having Sharepoint reference it is the way to go. Lemme know if you need any help.






OK. Thanks for the feedback.


I don't believe SharePoint Designer can be used with SharePoint Online. And, since the number of list items will be between 100 - 200, manually adding the URL is not an effective option.

this can be done with powerapps and if you dont really want to modify the SP form you could also run a powerautomate flow to grab the 1st attachment's url on new item add and populate it in your image field.

@BrandiLaRue @hydbadi 


Use Image column in SharePoint online lists to store an image instead of using attachments.


Check: SharePoint Online: All you need to know about New Image column type 


SharePoint image columns can be displayed in Power Apps as well as can be updated from Power Apps, check:

  1. Power Apps can now display images from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 
  2. Add, update, or delete images in SharePoint/Microsoft Lists using Power Apps 

You can also work with SharePoint image columns using Power automate flows:

  1. Add an image to SharePoint Image columns using Power Automate 
  2. Update image in SharePoint/Microsoft Lists Image columns using Power Automate 

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