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Dear all,


I have a list with all my customers and some information about them (e.g. logo, website, revenues) on my sharepoint.
For each customer I also have a page on my sharepoint where I also have a news section, twitter (x) integrated, etc.


Now, I would like to take single information from my list (e.g. the website link or the logo) and integrate it on this customer page.

As a workaround I could define a list-view, filtered for one customer and include just one column. But then I would need one view per list item, which is not a very good solution :|

Does anybody has an idea how to do this in an easier way?

All the best


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@BigTom1982 I don't think you will be able to do it dynamically using the SharePoint out of the box list web parts


Unfortunately, list web part dynamic filtering does not support the page properties else it would have been very easy to setup.


You may need to create separate site page and list view (for each site page) to get this working OR you can create a simple Power Apps canvas application to show the list item details based on the list item ID (or any other unique property of customers) which you can pass as query string parameter to application URL in Power Apps web part settings - Read that parameter in Power Apps using Param() function and based on that show the item details in the app.

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