Display pivot table like chart on SharePoint page


Thank you in advance for your help.

I have a list with 2 date and time columns along with a user column that I use to collect when paperwork was turned in. I have a calculated column that subtracts when it should have been turned in and when it was to give me how long it took them. Our goal is 4 hours or less so I have a view that shows the last 30 days based on user. In the view I have it grouped by user and have Totals set to show the average of a column that is simply a mirror of the calculated column (because you can't do totals on a calculated columns. I use Power Automate to mirror them).

In the view if I press the + next to the user I can see there average which is the number I want but I would like a way to not have to press the + and just show the user and next to them there 30 day average. Is that possible in some easy way? We are currently using ColabCharts but I would simply like it in a table form. Also as a bonus I would really like it to turn red should they be over the 4 hours.

I've tried Power BI and I can get the chart but we are not licensed for my users to see it and the cost is a bit high for us to implement.

Thanks again for your help


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