Display more fields in People Profile web part

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How to add more fields on People Profile web part




for example, we need to add phone, department, photos, skills from the office 365 user profile.

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@Jeyganesh  If the users AD-profile contains Department and Phone it will be displayed in the web part.

When you have placed this web part on a page (and saved the page) You will (when You place the cursor over the web part) be able to click "Show more" and view additional details about the person.




When you have clicked on "Show more".






Is there any relation to pull the content from Delve Directory?


Because I updated many fields in My Profile page (ex: phone, birthday, skills and more) but it is not displayed here. When we mouse over the web part shows only email id.


It will take some more time to sync those fields?





By the way, bear in mind that you cannot extend deafult WebParts provided by Microsoft

But Magnus shows example all fields displayed, why is our SharePoint not showing those fields?

@Jeyganesh Are those attributes (Phone, Department) populated in your AD? (if they are then they should be displayed)



Yes. it's available in our Active Directory, but not displayed in people profile web part.


Also, we missed the "show more" links.

@Jeyganesh Hrmm. 

Two more things you can try:

  • See what happens if You click the Picture. Will it show more information then?
  • Edit the web part properties and try both the Compact and Descriptive view. Any differences then when You click the picture?





After changed the Layout type, still the issue persists.




PFA. User Profile page

@Jeyganesh That looks like Your on prem-AD. How does the user profile(s) look if you open the Office 365 Admin Center and view Your user account(s) there. Are the attributes syncronized so that they are available also in Office 365/Azure AD? If not, then i guess that is the solution to why they are not displayed in your web part.



Previously I posted the user profile screenshot captured from SharePoint Admin -> User Profiles Page.


You mean My office 365 profile page data will not display here?


PFA my office 365 profile page.



@Jeyganesh Unfortunately i am beginning to run out of ideas. 

I can see that there are more similar threads here. Could it be that you are on a Government Tenant and that this functionality is not available (yet)?




That was my final idea. Hope You solve the problem.

Best regards, Magnus


I see you are trying to make an Employee Directory. I went a different route, since people webparts are not dynamic at all. You could technically build an spfx web part that does this, or what I did instead, is built a PowerApp for the directory. You can quickly pull right from the Office365Users connector to get all the information you need. You can filter on title / company or whatever else you see fit to build your layout. The hardest part was having it in this layout. If you do a Top down layout it's super easy to do. Here are a few screenshots. It has search, and you click a profile to get more details, but you can customize this however you see fit. If you keep it simple you can also embed into SharePoint page. I just link to the powerapp due to the sizing restraints of the SharePoint page for the layout I have. 





Anyway, just an alternative Idea since maintaining that directory by hand could be annoying :). 



I am really confused about these features because of our office 365 user profile shows what we expected.



But not showing this on SharePoint Online