display major version published date in a sharepoint column

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Hello All,

I have a policy document library with major/minor versioning turned on. I have a requirement to set a review interval for my documents. The review interval should be based on the date of the most recent major version. Does anyone have a way to display this information in a column?


The standard "Modified" column will not work for this because that could and will change if/when minor versions are created. 


I could add a simple "Date" column and instruct my users to enter the date they publish on, but this is clunky at best and I know people will forget to do it. 


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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@ajbitely You can do this with a PowerAutomate Workflow.

- Add a Date Column for the next review date

- Set the approval workflow to calculate the date value when the major version is published


I've written a blog on how to set publish a major version using PowerAutomate




@Steve Knutson thank you for your reply, but unfortunately, I am not sure your post addresses my question.


Creating a Power Automate flow was/is a great idea, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to do an automatic trigger when someone "Publishes". If there was a way to do that I could write the date into another column. (This is a commonly requested item in the Power Automate Ideas forum).


I followed your link but it did not address the question at hand. 


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@ajbitely I do this using a 'Send selected file for approval' Flow. You are right, it requires someone to manually run the Flow. I use column formatting to add a link into the library view next to each item to make this easier for the user.