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I would like to display the ID of the Item on the form of a item. Ideally on a specialised header on the form. We are already currently displaying the title in the header and need to be able to display the Item ID. I have seen work arounds where folks have used a calculated column and what not, but wondered if it was possible to display this column using JSON, without creating another column as a workaround. 

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@Jennie Sheridan This is a known issue in list form JSON formatting. As per the current design, you can refer only those columns which are shown on list forms in your JSON.


So, you cannot show the ID column value on list form using JSON, you may need to customize list form using Power apps to show it.


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@Jennie Sheridan further to the answer by @ganeshsanap, if you create a customised Power Apps form for your list items then you can display the ID in the "header" area as we do on our IT Ticketing System below. But obviously it's more work to produce this than to use the JSON method.



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