Display Document ID column in Document Template

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I have a requirement to display Custom Document ID column value in the Document Template when a new document is going to be created in the Library. How can I accomplish that?

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If it's an Office document you go to INSERT -> QUICK PARTS -> DOC PROPERTIES to insert column values.
The following guide is based on SharePoint Server but can serve as well for SharePoint online

@Pablo R. Ortiz 


Unfortunately that doesn't solve the issue. 


Have just run into the same problem. We have set up a library with an inbuilt ID column, which generates the numbers automatically. However, the ID doesn't appear in the Quick Parts and not even in the Columns in Library settings. 


Anyone has any suggestions?


Many thanks!



You'd add the ID column in the view settings not the library settings.  Not all columns you see in a view configuration are presented to you in the library settings themselves.


As for the quick-parts, can you run a short test.  Please upload a word doc to the actual document library and then open it from within said library.  Once this has been done can you please check the quick parts and see if the SharePoint columns are available for use.

Hello! @Steven Andrews 


Thanks for your reply. 


It is now working and we can add it as a Quick Part to a doc. 


However, have one more. We want to amend the Doc Id. Currently it is a random number, we want it to start with a more custom one. I have changed it in settings, however, the Doc ID doesn't change. Does it have to wait 24 hours? Do I need to reindex the library? 


If one has to wait, how it will affect a quick part if we are to add to today, since we are pressured by a deadline. 


Many thanks in advance.