Display both Date and Text in a single SharePoint column?

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Is there a way to display date and text in a single column? So that it is a date picker but also the option to type in text or does this mess things up?




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@VeeExcelLearn a column can only have 1 data type so this isn't possible.


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@VeeExcelLearn Rob is correct, you can't have a single column that does has text and a date.  However, a text and date field can be displayed together using a calculated column.    



Here is what I used to format the calculated column.

=Text&" - "&TEXT(Date,"dd mmm yy")

Depending on the requirements, you might want to put that in an IF statement to adjust the formatting if there is missing information.


=Text&IF(Date>0," - "&TEXT(Date,"dd mmm yy"),"")