Discovering All SharePoint 2013 Vanity URLs

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Our client is a SharePoint 365 subscriber -- in place for their corporate users. However they continue to support a SharePoint 2013 on-prem instance, setup as an extranet for their franchisees. They plan to migrate this setup to 365 in the coming year.


The challenging task has been identifying ALL of the vanity URLs their 2013 implementation has. The implementer set them up, but is no longer supporting them. They did not document the setup at all. The current support team wants to identify each URL so it can be mapped in the migration to 365.


We spent time looking at the Site Collection and IIS to see where these were setup, but it is such an old installation they just do not have enough information. 


Can someone provide some set by step instruction on the best way to access the farm and view the redirects / vanity URLs that are setup?



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